• Karolina Anastasopoulos

When to Hire an Interior Designer

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

As a designer, I have worked on various types of projects and have had the opportunity to experience the pros and cons of different contract models.

Based on experience, the best approach in all situations is to have a designer on board right from the get-go. I promise that this will save you, the homeowner, TIME and MONEY.

It is so beneficial to have the design details narrowed down up front. It allows the General Contractor to provide a realistic estimate for the work (not just a cost per square foot). Which, in turn, gives the client more control over the budget.

As part of our design package, we provide drawings, elevations, details and source lists that depict all finishes and fixtures required to complete the project. This gives the contractor a full understanding of the project scope and enables them to confidently price the work.

It’s not to say that coordination issues won’t come up, each project has it’s challenges ( i.e.: surprises behind the walls during demolition). To manage unforeseen issues, I always recommend that clients carry a reserve fund. This can be anywhere from 2%-10% of construction, depending on the complexity and size of the project.

Planning for renovations can be a challenge, but when you have the right documentation and a clear process defined up front, it will minimize the risks and help get your project off to a great start!

We can help get your project off the ground. Feel free to connect with us to discuss your needs and any challenges that you may be up against.

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