• Karolina Anastasopoulos

What I Learned From Starbucks!

I took time over the holidays to really think about my business...

I did a lot of goal setting (both personal and business related) and REALLY focused in on what I want this business to be, the kind of clients I want to attract, the partnerships I want to foster, the work that I want to do and the experience I want to instill in each project I take on.

As I was picking up my mobile order from Starbucks this morning, I was greeted with a cheerful “Good morning”, which was then followed by “Have a great day!”. I was expecting to walk in, grab my coffee and leave. This interaction exceeded my expectations. It got me thinking. I want to be like Starbucks!

Have you ever noticed how all the Starbucks employees seem so happy? This always trickles down to their customers. Let’s face it, their products aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t deter people from waiting in line (or trying to beat the line via mobile orders) to buy their $5.00 coffee! Why? Because they have established a reputation for their products, their culture and the service they provide.

I want to provide value to my clients so that they feel they are investing in something that will give them that Starbucks feeling! In order to do that, I need to set the stage by taking on projects that I know I’ll be able to support properly from start to finish. I need to foster partnerships that allow this business model to flourish and invest my time with those who understand that at the end of the day, vendors, suppliers, and contractors make up a team and each one relies on the other to ensure the experience is maintained.

I’ve learned that the true value in what I do is best realized when this philosophy is followed through.

This is the year where I will do my best to FOCUS ON THE EXPERIENCE.

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