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Project Kind: Meet the McKinney’s!

Jaxon McKinney - 6 years old

This year’s Project Kind recipient is a 7-year-old boy named Jaxon McKinney.

Jaxon was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in February 2017.

The last two years have been extremely difficult for the McKinney’s; both of Jaxon’s parents have been unable to work and Jaxon is unable to return to school.

The side effects of Jaxon’s treatment have hit him extremely hard, he has trouble walking and is beginning to lose vision in his left eye.

The family spends most of their time at home or at the hospital.

Three days before Jaxon’s diagnosis,

the McKinney’s moved into a historic home in Cambridge with plans to renovate, unfortunately their plans have been put on hold as they try to navigate their way through this journey.

The initial plan was to re-design Jaxon’s bedroom, but when I arrived at their home, I quickly realized that this family needed a place to be together, to relax, enjoy and spend time as a family without the constant reminder of the unfinished state of their home or the stress that surrounds them everyday.

We have had a few local companies step up to support this project! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have these amazing companies join the project. THANK YOU!

Turner Paining

Circle A Carpentry

Trisol Window Fashions

I will keep you all posted on the progress!

I look forward to sharing updates on this project with you.

If you would like to join TEAM PROJECT KIND, or know of someone who can assist, we are currently in need of the following:

  • Financial Donations - GoFundMe

  • Furniture Suppliers

Konnect with me using the contact page and let's start sharing kindness!


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