• Karolina Anastasopoulos

Designing a Home Office

As an entrepreneur who works out of a home office, I understand the importance of creating a space that works for you and your needs. It’s not just about creating a ‘pretty’ space. We really need to look at this in a holistic way, and consider things such as: file storage; what documents are used day-to-day vs what is accessed less frequently? How much file space do you need? Are you storing any other items within your space. In my case, it is samples…lots and lots of heavy samples! We need to consider the equipment you use and incorporate this into the plan to ensure the cabling is planned properly (please, no extension cords!).

Do you meet with clients, do you do a lot of video conferencing?

, if so lighting and colour selections play a big part in how we design your space. What technology are you currently using and is there a better way for you to function by introducing new technology?

Then, there’s ergonomics! Even though I learned some basics about ergonomics in design school, I didn’t realize just how important this was, specifically when designing an office space. I personally struggle with back pain and I know how vital it is to ensure your workstation is set up to properly support your needs. I have seen so many make-shift office spaces. Every time I ask about the set up, I usually hear a story that includes back pain, neck pain and headaches.

That is why I have partnered with an Ergonomic Specialist. I really want to be able to help my clients create a space that not only meets their design intent, but also allows them to work functionally and pain free!

I am excited to work with a professional who truly understands how to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and to integrate this knowledge into my design process. My goal is always to make life better for my clients and this is just another way that improvements can be achieved.

Contact me if you would like to know more about the ergonomic consultation!

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