• Karolina Anastasopoulos

Becoming a Mompreneur

As moms, we are all trying so desperately to find that balance between work and home life. Before I had my son, I watched in awe as so many women around me found a way to manage it all. I wondered, how the heck do they do it? I was struggling with managing my own schedule and I had no one else to worry about, I didn’t have lunches to pack, large meals to prep, I could carry on as I saw fit.

I was working for a large corporation, managing complex redevelopment initiatives. I worked hard. I went over and above. I gave up evenings and weekends frequently just to stay ahead and I watched so many around me do the same. Then, I got married and soon after, I became pregnant. Being pregnant, I already felt the pressure; how am I going to make time for all the OB appointments? How am I going to get all my projects to a point where I can hand them over before I leave on maternity leave? It wasn’t easy.

I was excited to start a new chapter in my life, and to become a MOM. I was looking forward to a year “off”, making plans to cuddle with my little one, go for walks and plan play dates. Life would be so great!

Then…I had Niko. Some moms are blessed with babies who sleep well. I was blessed in so many ways, but not with sleep. I couldn’t understand how a new born could sleep so little. Niko was colicky and I was exhausted. I still enjoyed cuddles, walks and play dates, but it wasn’t quite the same vision I had played out in my mind.

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to work. The anxiety around this was just incredible. The transition to daycare was so scary. I kept telling myself “everyone does this”, so I went ahead and dropped off my little one while he cried for me every morning for almost six months. I would log into the video camera as soon as I arrived at work and would have some relief knowing he was no longer upset.

I loved being a mom, but also loved my career, it was constant struggle.

At work, I took on more projects, but now things had changed. I needed to pick up my son on time, I needed to make sure he was fed well, I needed to be there for him. So, my over-time started after I put Niko to bed, I would work late and do it all over again the next day. I knew I couldn’t sustain it.

Two years later, when Niko was three, he was diagnosed with leukemia. This news was obviously life changing for my entire family. It quickly made me re-set my priorities and focus on what really mattered. My husband and I were determined to take this on and to come out of it stronger than before. It gave me the push I needed to branch out on my own and start to live life according to what worked for me and my family.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and I still struggle with finding balance, but I love what I do, and I am blessed to work with so many amazing people.

I am still on my quest to find that happy medium, but I am well on my way.

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